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Before beginning, plan carefully
— Marcus Tullius Aurelius

Omishan Ogholoh Williams | owner

I'm a New Orleans girl who lives for a good festival with amazing food (usually CARBS) and good music. I am a pharmacist by education, the wife to a gentle giant (literally, he's 6'6), a lover of life's journeys, and I prefer tea over coffee (yea, I know, it's like 7 of us left in the world who fall in this camp!). I'm often teased about how organized my purse is and what I was thinking when I decided to decorate our home with all white furniture.

For as long as I can remember, I've had a deep passion for organizing, planning and entertaining. I guess growing up with a mom who loved to entertain and emphasized the importance of planning and details, I had no choice but to love it too. 

Well, needless to say, I have turned into my mom, vigorously planning every detail when I am the hostess for family dinners and events. Like her, I want the experience to be memorable and stunning, as any special occasion should be. My motto: Proper prior planning prevents poor presentation. And with this philosophy in mind, I started Adesuwa Events.

I have used my mom's lessons in almost every aspect of my life. But they mostly came in handy when I planned my wedding. I knew I wanted my guests to have an amazing time as they celebrated with us, but I also knew that I had to plan for a marriage after the wedding. 

And that is what I'm most passionate about. My mission is to help bring fulfillment and provide guidance to all of you couples going through your wedding planning journeys while preparing for a marriage that is more memorable than your wedding. I want to help you focus on your wedding and marriage goals and encourage you to always keep your WHY at the forefront of all of your decisions. 

"I am here to coach you on how to plan your wedding around your life and ensure that the wedding you've always dreamed of ends with the marriage of your dreams!"

When I'm not busy with work, I am consumed with WANDERLUST (and going on a food tour in each new place I visit). To date, my favorite place is Thailand, with Barcelona coming in close second. I love spending quality time with my super supportive husband, Will, and having Wednesday night dinners with our families (guys, I have the BEST in-laws EVER). 

As you may have figured, I love a beautiful presentation, so you can almost bet that if I have a few days with nothing on my schedule, I'm rearranging furniture, hanging pictures, or redecorating a room in our home. Hey, what can I say, I can't help myself!

About "Adesuwa" events

Adesuwa (ah-DESS-oo-wah) is my birth middle name. It is a Nigerian name meaning "center of progress and prosperity". My father is Nigerian so when naming me he wanted to give me strong Nigerian names (first, middle and last) that had deep meanings. I have always loved my name but since getting married, I dropped "Adesuwa" and I've missed it ever since.

So when I was thinking about names for my wedding consulting business, "Adesuwa" Events only seemed natural. It not only pays homage to my father's Nigerian culture, but the meaning also represents me and the culture of my business.

"Life moves in one direction, and looking back only serves one purpose;
to give us perspective on the progress we've made."

The spirit of progression fuels me and breaths life into this business as I walk with engaged couples through their wedding planning journeys towards a beautiful future in marriage. This is such a special time in a couple's life and it humbles me that I am able to play a small role in their love story.

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