There are so many questions that come up from engaged couples and their families and guests. They don't always require long explanations, so this is a “Frequently Asked Wedding Questions” series that I'll do every so often to answer some of those burning questions.

These will be quick and easy to read posts answering a few questions I get all the time about weddings. In today’s post, I’ll be answering a few questions about your wedding reception. Let’s get to it!

Frequently asked wedding questions all about the wedding reception.

Should I have a plated dinner reception or buffet style?

Before I answer this one, I want to clarify something. Many people think that buffets are less expensive than plated dinners and this is not the case. Although buffets require less staff and attention to detail than plated dinners, they usually end up offering more food options which drive up the cost. So, putting cost aside, think about what you would prefer. Plated dinners can have a more formal touch where everyone is served and eat at the same time. While buffets put the decision in your guests’ hands allowing them to eat at their leisure and having the option to choose what they want and don’t want on their plates.

Do I have to feed my wedding vendors at the reception?

Yes, you do. You will definitely need to feed your planner, photographer, videographer, and band or DJ, plus their assistants (but you won’t need to feed your baker, florist, or anyone working only at the ceremony). Talk to your caterer about vendor meal options. Most have a list of options or the same options that your guests will be eating. The cost to feed your vendors may be included in your catering fee, but if it isn’t, be sure to include your vendors when you give your caterer your final guest count. Also, remember to include any allergies or dietary restrictions your vendors may have.

Should we have an open bar?

In my opinion, my answer to this question is always yes, unless you are planning to have a dry wedding (no alcohol being served). This is just my opinion, but I think its rude to invite your guests to celebrate with you and then ask them to purchase their drinks. Now, if cost is an issue, you can opt to have an open bar for certain beverages like beer, wine, champagne, and your signature drink, and then a cash bar for other types of alcohol. But I’d rather you just offer an open bar with whatever you can afford and and leave the cash option off the table.

I love answering your questions and giving you a one stop shop to get the answers you need. So please, if you have wedding questions that come up, leave them in the comment section below and I’ll be sure to add them to my list and post the answers for you.

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