I know that wedding planning can be a daunting task and sometimes you just want to quit. So, to help keep your spirits up and focused on your why, I'm deviating from the usual tips and tricks for wedding planning and, instead, giving you some food for thought to help keep you motivated.

Wedding planning starting to frustrate you? Get motivated with this food for thought.

Ok, so wherever you are in your wedding planning journey, I’m sure you have said at least once, “I have so much to do.” Even if you’re an organizing and planning bad ass, you’ve said it. And it’s totally understandable and expected.

There are so many tasks, in what seems like no time to get it all done. This is how you feel. I know, it’s hard. Between managing your to-do list, making design decisions, working with your vendors, and oh yea, let’s not forget, nurturing your relationship, be productive at work, and living your life, you wonder, why must this be so difficult?

Well, let me give you permission to STOP AND TAKE A BREATH. Give yourself some grace. You are not Superwoman (or man), so yes, it’s ok to acknowledge that this can all be a lot. And it’s ok to take a pause and just be.

Remember the reason why you are doing all of these things. It’s not just to endure stress and frustration. NO, NO, NO. You’re not a masochist. There is a purpose, a reason that you are going through all of this. It may be hard to remember that reason right now, so I’ll remind you.


Everything you are going through as you plan your wedding is preparing you for life in marriage. Time management, compromise, communication, intentionality, decision making. These are all things you are doing right now as you plan your wedding, and these are all things you will continue to do during marriage.

Have you heard the saying, "nothing worth having is easy to come by"? Man, aint that the truth? Can you think about a tough experience that you have gone through, but looking back, you realized that if you hadn't gone through it, you wouldn't be where you are?

Truly, think about it. Whether it was finishing college or losing weight, the journey may not have been easy, but the destination made it worth it.

Put this time of your life in that same category. Embrace these difficult times because they are teaching you something. They are what make you appreciate when things are easy. And they are the experiences that give you grit to push through when things get tough again (because trust me, things will get tough again).

Ideally, we hope that this journey is enjoyable, but that doesn’t mean it will be without its frustrations and difficulty. So, when things get tough, think about the destination. Think about why you are doing what you are doing.

In this life, there will always be hard journeys. No one is immune to that fact. So, don't let bumpy roads deter you and keep you from experiencing the joy at the end. And even if there isn’t total joy at the end, there is always a lesson.

push through it and more often than not, you will be so glad that you did.

Wedding Planning Timeline


This is the EXACT wedding planning timeline that I used to successfully plan my own wedding.

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I am the owner of Adesuwa Events, a New Orleans based wedding consulting business where I provide intentional guidance and direction to couples who desire to plan their own weddings. I'm a New Orleans girl who lives for a good festival with amazing food (usually CARBS) and good music. My mission is to help bring fulfillment and provide guidance to all of you couples going through your wedding planning journeys while preparing for a marriage that is more memorable than your wedding.  

Recently engaged and wondering what to do first? No worries, I've got you covered. Use this guide and you will be well on your way to wedding planning bliss!

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