LOVE is in the air and engagement rings are popping up everywhere! Now some of you haven’t been asked that special question just yet, but you can feel it coming. You find that you're bracing yourself every time your partner asks you to go to dinner, or bends down to tie his shoe. Trust me, I know the feeling.

But one of the beautiful things about this part of your journey is the surprise and the unknown, the unknown of when that exact moment will be when you are asked “Will you marry me?”

Now in most cases, guys do not like to be rejected. So usually, he will be fairly confident that you will say yes if he builds up the nerves to ask the question. How is he sure of this? The two of you will have talked about marriage in some capacity or have discussed having a future together or even gone ring shopping. And just as he feels that the time is nearing, you, my dear, I’m sure, feel it as well!

You may not know the exact moment it's coming, but you will begin to notice things in his behavior or in his conversation. So, these are just a few things you might want to start to think about when you feel a proposal is on the horizon.

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Now please don’t start to stress about this stuff before you even get the ring. Don’t put added pressure on your guy because you are beginning to think about some wedding specifics. Just keep these things on the forefront of your mind so that when you do have that rock on your finger, these decisions will pretty much be made.

And also, whenever I use “you” or “your” I’m talking about you and your partner. Just keep that in mind because his situation matters when making these decisions. Now let’s get to it.

1 | What size wedding do you want to have?

Now when you think about this, a few things will play a part in your decision. The size of your families, how close you are to your families, and how close you live to your families. So, are you an only child with a few cousins, aunts and uncles that live on the other end of the country? Or are you one of 6 children, with a lot of close relatives that all live within 30 minutes of you and even celebrating a 22nd birthday turns into an event?

These are things you have to consider. And who knows, maybe you have a big close family, but you still want a small intimate wedding with just those people who mean the most to you. The decision is totally yours, but it is one that you should begin to think about.

 2 | How long do you want to be engaged?

There are many factors that can determine the length of your engagement. Sometimes there are religious stipulations, or wedding planning restraints like availability on your venues or preferred vendors. Or maybe you want to finish college or reach other milestones before saying I Do.

I will say this, you do want to be engaged long enough to get to know your partner, but not so long that comfort sets in and marriage is no longer a priority. An engagement of about a year or so, will not only allow you to get all your wedding planning tasks completed, but it will also give you and your partner time to prepare for the changes marriage will bring and to address any concerns you may have about your upcoming marriage.

3 | What time of year do you want to get married?

You may have always dreamed about getting married during a certain season but depending on when your honey proposes, that season may be unrealistic. For instance, I always wanted an October wedding. Well, my now husband, proposed in March. We wanted our engagement to be about a year long, so October was out for us unless we waited until the following year. That would have had us being engaged for over 18 months and for us, that was just too long.

So, knowing how long you want to be engaged can help you decide on the time of year for your wedding. My advice, don’t be so attached to the time of year that it derails your other goals.

4 | What type of wedding do you want to have?

In most cases, if you’ve gotten this far you have probably already thought about this. Deciding on an outdoor vs. indoor or casual vs. formal wedding comes pretty easy for most women. The season will most likely dictate weather you want an outdoor or indoor wedding but sometimes it could be something more sentimental like where you had your first kiss or where you took your first vacation.

You may not know this exact place just yet, but think about it. Whatever type you choose, it should, at least, match your personalities and be meaningful to the both of you.

5 | How much money is there to spend on your wedding?

Now, when it comes to money, I would go a step further beyond just thinking about it. This, for sure, needs to be a conversation. It would be unwise to build up your dream wedding scenario in your head before discussing the money available to pay for it with your partner and your families, if they will be contributing. It can be a simple conversation before he pops the question just to get everyone involved thinking about it, but after you say YES, a real discussion needs to happen.

6 | Where do you want to get married?

Here, I’m not referring to your venue. I’m talking about getting married in your hometown, his hometown, where you currently live, or having a destination wedding. This decision can be a tough one especially if all of these places are different.

A couple of things to consider would be the difficulty of planning if you decide on a location that isn’t where you currently live, or if your guests will be able to be there if expensive travel is required.

These decisions will ultimately be up to you and your beau but talking about it with your families as well might not be a bad idea. If their presence is important to you then their opinions are something to consider.

7 | Will you plan it yourself?

BIG decision, right? And a lot goes into this decision. Be very informed about this decision. You don’t want to be a complete stressed out mess if you decide to plan your wedding yourself. I think it’s if done with intention, it can be an amazing experience, but you have to be open minded and realistic. Read this post to give you a few tips to decide if you should plan your own wedding.

Bonus Tip: Keep your manicure fresh!

Duh right! So, if you feel the big question coming, just go ahead and put a weekly manicure appointment on your calendar. This way, whenever he does pop the question, your hands will be picture ready!

This is a beautiful time in your journey; enjoy it! Don’t allow all the possible details ruin the moments to come. Just consider these when you have a little down time. Don’t think about it when your focus should be on your honey. When you look back, you want to remember this time for the special moments, not for the tedious details.

I’m so excited for you and your soon to be fiancé and what comes next for the both of you!!! Life is about to change for the better!

Now, just for you, I’ve created a guide for what to do after you say YES so you can hit the ground running towards the next part of your journey!


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... then you can hit the ground running towards the next part of your journey!

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