You said yes to that magical question [CHECK]

You've decided a wedding planner isn't the route you want to go [CHECK}

You've thought long and hard and have decided to tackle this wedding planning thing on your own [CHECK]

Hmmmm, now what? 

Be confused and stressed trying to figure it all out alone? [Uhhh, no, that would be silly]


Get the help and guidance you need to organize the wedding to-do chaos and plan the wedding you've always dreamed of, all while enjoying your engagement [OH YEAH!!! NOW THAT SOUNDS LIKE THE LIFE!]


wedding planning Blueprint

"this is where the fun begins"

If your desire is to plan your own wedding, but you have no clue where to start or what to do, then this is perfect for you. I will walk you through the steps of the entire planning process so that you will have the necessities to get you through your wedding planning journey. A few features and benefits include:

and if that's not enough, you will also receive: 

  • Tools and advice to streamline the chaos so you can also focus on planning for a memorable marriage

  • An advocate and accountability partner so you don't feel alone on your journey (yep! that's me!)

and much more!!!

I was a working pharmacist when I planned my wedding, so trust me when I say I understand how hard it can be to squeeze wedding planning into a busy schedule filled with 10 to 14 hour work days. I've been there and I know first hand the amount of time it takes to get everything done. That's why I'm so convinced that this service is such a necessity. It will free up so much of your time and brain space to focus on the decisions you have to make instead of spending it trying to figure out what comes next and when. 

Our one-on-one session and the tools I provide will boost your confidence to plan your wedding with minimal stress all while managing your many other responsibilities. My goal is to give you peace of mind and to keep those early anxiety levels of planning an amazing wedding to an absolute minimum.

still wondering if the wedding planning toolkit is right for you?

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